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Sustainability Design

Good solar design is based on the low winter sun entering the home to warm solid dense elements (concrete or earthen floors and walls), and keeping it out during the summer months.

This is often achieved by large north and east windows which have wide eaves to block out the summer sun, however louvres or awnings may also be used. Another often overlooked factor is to prevent over heating, caused by large glazing on the western side of a home i.e. these rooms can become uncomfortably hot in the afternoon and evenings.

Careful location, sizes and types of glass on the western side is needed to prevent overheating of these rooms, and/or the planting of a deciduous tree to filter this light and create some coolth can ease such problems.

One solution is to plant a band of shrubbery, at least a metre away from the south wall, and have small windows that are security stayed, near floor level which can be fixed open to source this coolth (cool air drawn through the leafy shrubs).

These small ventilating windows, low down on the cool side of the home and high up on the northern side, create a gentle and controllable air flow through the home carrying the unhealthy humid and often toxic gasses outside.

A footpath around the home ensures the walls and windows are able to be easily maintained and the walls remain healthy.

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