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Changing of the Guard

After more than twenty years of dedicated design, building and mentoring of Owner-Builders as he developed the art and sound practices of natural building to the level we see today, Ian has brought on board an enthusiastic passionate and well experienced architectural designer Pip Bolton and Ken Bolton (her husband) who between them have more than thirty five years experience in the building industry. Pip and Ken have bought the practice and have retained Ian as their design and building mentor as they progressively understand and expand the designs so highly regarded by Ian.

You will be introduced to Pip and Ken in a later article along with their new format website “adobesouth.com”

As said earlier ian has been retained to mentor this transition and where requested act as the lead architectural designer for natural homes be that in earth building (reinforced rammed C S earth, traditional adobe, poured earth, or cast in situ c. s. earth techniques), infil strawbale building which is lime plastered and whitewashed for greatest insulation and breathability, use of naturally durable timbers (eg cypress or eucalypts), or a mix of all three.

Ian is developing a design consultancy to other architects and architectural designers as he relinquishes the role of hand drawing the myriad of details currently demanded by the regulators, so in this way his knowledge is being passed onto the next generation.

Ians focus is to mentor and guide younger architects and architectural designers who wish to embark on their journey of natural building design, which where possible utilises good solar design, natural air movement ventilation, natural and time proven sustainable healthy building materials and finishes. This service is offered throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and America.

This new design consultancy is not restricted to natural building materials but extends into affordable and novel designs using the more conventional materials to attain delightful proportionate and comfortable living spaces within the home that flow naturally from one activity area to another.
Ian believes the needs and wants of every client are unique, and by careful analysis of these needs and wants affordable, bespoke solutions are at hand for all clients.

Ian can be contacted on his email address ian@adobesouth.co.nz.

Posted: July 16

Building with Mudbricks
We all know the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf who "huffed and puffed" and blew down the first little pig's house of sticks - then at the pig. He then huffed and puffed and blew down the second pig's house made of straw, and then ate that little pig too.
But when it came time to blow down the third little pig's house made opf bricks, the wolf encountered a bit of a problem. This house of bricks was built of sturdier stuff than the other houses, and the wolf didn't have enough huff and puff to blow this little pig's house down.
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A Visit to Redfern Cottage
Designed by Ian Redfern, boutique architectural design practice - Adobe South. The word snug conjures all sorts of comforting images in these cold winter months – comfortable, warm, well protected and cosy to mention just a few.
But snug takes on a broader meaning for Ian and Christine Redfern when they “winterise” their adobe earth home by drawing the curtains to the large lounge with its expansive east facing concertina doors, and the French doors to the east deck, effectively creating their “snug” – a smaller, cosier alcove off the kitchen.
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Services at Adobe Cottage
In this series on Adobe Cottage, Jo Ann has looked at the general appeal of this eco cottage set high on the hill at Onerahi, looking out to the east with forest covered hills on the other side of the valley, or looking south down the harbour to Marsden Point and the Refinery.
This month we will delve into the heart of the home and discuss the functionality of grouping water services close together, and will use the hot water piping as our reference.
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Site selection for Adobe Cottage
In this, the concluding article in the series, we take a look at how the shope and lav of the site has influenced the style and size of the Adobe Cottage.
The intial appeal of this small steeply sloping east facing site was its openness to the early morning sun, and shielding from the roasting late afternoon summer sun or cold sou-westerly winter winds.
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Now for the Home!!
Building a pottery studio as stage one allowed these owner builders to learn and make subtle alterations to the main house design.
This is the story of how sensible resourcing and sustainable building, using ones own effort, created a pottery studio and temporary home for two extremely talented pottery artisans - Greg Barron and Jin Ling.
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skinny straw walls
In this short article, I will describe the background and construction of thin section plaster on straw filled stud framed walls. The construction methods have been refined following discussions with and observations of owner builders who have used this technique.
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