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Welcome to Adobe South

Adobe South offers a boutique innovative design and mentoring service to our building clients with a focus on natural building materials utilising passive solar design practices as we design your home.

Natural building encompasses the principals and practices of eco-healthy and sustainable (aka green) building. Passive solar design principles form the basis of all our designs, - even south facing homes can be designed to trap winter solar sun!

The most common eco-healthy and sustainable building methods use:

Earth building, be that mud bricks, rammed earth or adobes.
Strawbale building, with load bearing or infill strawbale walls that are plastered over.
Timber frame, of wither post and beam, or the light timber framed homes. Light timber framing is used in the bulk of New Zealand’s housing stock.
Or a combination of these.

An underlying philosophy of sustainability is to minimise the impact on the environment, whilst preserving our resources for the future generations ie walk lightly on the land, and use only what you need! e.g small is smart.

Adobe South has worked extensively with OWNER-BUILDERS by providing easily built and innovative architectural designs. We also offer our well proven and successful mentoring service to our clients. We have LBP contractors who can assist or undertake the build. eg concrete slab, wall framing and detailing of the roof.

New Owners

This month (July 2016) we welcome our new owners Pip and Ken Bolton, who have joined the practice and will progressively adopt and extend our time proven and novel DESIGN and BUILDING practices in natural building. They will bring all documentation into the twentyfirst century as a computer based format for design, and related documentation as well as office procedures.

Pip, who is a well known and experienced (15 + years) architectural designer and project administrator here in Northland NZ, holds a Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP) Design Licence alongside her Site Safe Licence.

Ken is an experienced building contractor, with over 20+ years’ experience, and project manager in light to medium sized buildings (from homes to medium commercial and industrial buildings). Ken holds an LBP Site 2 licence.


Many clients have been successfully owner-building their homes using Adobe South as their building mentor (advisory and on site "how to") for parts that are foreign and somewhat technical in detail.

Abode South designs homes that are simple to build by folk (women too) who have the desire and enthusiasm to build their home.

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